Here are a few examples of food on the menu though we can always put together any combination of food from the deli counter. Freshly baked baguettes, sandwiches, wraps, ciabatta and panini are served with a side salad if wished.

For some of the sandwich and baguette fillings please see the takeaway page. Other choices on the menu include a salad bowl – a mixture of salads you choose from the counter, also goats cheese and apple salad or Stilton, grape and walnut salad. Jacket potatoes and Home made soup available in the winter

Chicken and ham pies from an assortment in the deli counter

Home-made cheese and red onion relish tartlets

Pork pie and small side salad

Pasties on sale include Cornish type, cheese & onion, corned beef, lamb and veg and sausage rolls

Patchwork Paté and organic toast

Ploughmans, choose your own cheese from the deli counter

Quiche salad plate

Mediterranean mezze